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About Sreenu Technologies

Welcome to Sreenu Technologies

At Sreenu Technologies, we strive every day to offer a different kind of learning one that is focused on the student. Sreenu Technologies offers a uniquely corporate approach to career training, with programs and services that help you achieve the career you want.


Caring – We trust every student has the potential to be successful in a rewarding career, with the correct support. We partner with you from your first day of classes through your search for a job after graduation.

Respect – We view everyone who enters Sreenu Technologies as a productive adult who deserves respect and the opportunity to excel. Our staff and instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and realize your potential.

Service – Sreenu Technologies is committed to the professional and academic success of each student by actively looking opportunities to provide service both within the campus as well as within the surrounding community.

Integrity – We look forward, not backward. No matter where you come from or what impediments you have faced in the past, we believe your future is yours to create.

Accountability – When you commit to us, we commit to you. When you walk into Sreenu Technologies Institute, we concentrate on helping you continue to move forward, so you can create the life you want to live.

Innovation – We know that the sooner you have the knowledge and skills you need to begin your career, the sooner you can become successful. Sreenu Technologies offers focused, practical training that gets you out of the classroom and into your new profession speedier than you thought possible.

Our Mission


It is our mission to provide quality separation and on-site education, realistic laboratory experiences, and hands-on experiences in field-appropriate facilities. Sreenu Technologies enables students to develop and exhibit the professional skills, personal behaviors, and a record of reliability necessary to successfully obtain entry-level employment.

The best way to tell if Sreenu Technologies is the right place for you is to see it in person. That’s why we want you to visit our campus – you’ll see right away that the Sreenu Technologies Institute experience is different. We don’t just say we care about our students – we show it.

If you have questions, simply ahead and contact us now. We encourage you to ask as many inquiries as required, because we know that picking a Institute is an important decision.

We believe our students will thrive and flourish in a caring environment so, whenever you’re ready, we invite you to join the Sreenu Technologies family!

Our Vision


Our vision is to keep to be the training institution of decision where our students can graduate with the confidence and abilities necessary to find a job where they can really make a difference in the groups they serve. It is our vision to find progressively specialized and complex areas in which to certify our institution, thereby increasing the amount, variety and quality of the certifications that we grant.

Our Promise


Our promise to our students is that at Finaly Sreenu Technologies Training Institute they will graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to face the challenges of today’s workplace. The high level of quality in our training courses, the experience of our educators and the commitment and dedication to each and every student is what ensures the future success of our graduates. We are committed and conferred solely to the professional growth and achievement of our graduates.